First steps to build your business or blog – WordPress basics

This online course teaches the basics of building a website. It is aimed at people unfamiliar with WordPress, someone who has never built a website, or who has a WordPress website and is struggling to understand how it works.

Course cost: $5/£5. You don’t have to pay, but it enables more courses to be created. Thanks!

Course Contents in Detail

1: 6 ways to make money from your site or blog

  • Discover the different ways you can make money online

2: Where to start? Blogging platforms

  • Blogging platforms – what are your choices?
  • WordPress vs other CMS
  • Pros and cons of vs self hosted (.org)

3: Get a website in 5 mins! Step by step guide

  • Sign up with
  • Step by step guide to setting up your free website

4: Log in to WordPress and use the dashboard

  • How to log in to the WordPress admin interface
  • What’s on the dashboard?
  • Configure the screen options
  • Set the website title and tagline

5: WordPress posts and pages – What’s the difference?

  • What is a post?
  • What is a page?
  • Posts vs Pages – Which should you use?

6: Create posts for your website

  • Create a post and set the title
  • Add text, set styles, insert links
  • Prepare images
  • Add images, format images
  • Add text, set styles, insert links
  • Publish a post

7: Create pages for your website – Add them to menus

  • How to edit a page
  • How to create new pages
  • How to add pages to menus

8: Customise the theme – make your site look great!

  • How to customise the theme
  • Add a header
  • Change the font
  • Set featured images in articles

9: Find and install new themes – give your site a makeover

  • Browse the theme gallery
  • Preview themes and customise them
  • Activate a theme

10: Add widgets to your WordPress site and configure them

  • What are widgets?
  • Add a widget to the sidebar
  • Customise a widget

11: Customise the settings for your WordPress site

  • Important General settings
  • Customise the Reading settings – static page vs posts
  • Take control of Comments and spam

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