First steps to build your business or blog – WordPress basics

Learn WordPress basics and start your online business of blog. See how to create pages and posts and select themes to make your site look great

This online course teaches the basics of building a website. It is aimed at people unfamiliar with WordPress, someone who has never built a website, or who has a WordPress website and is struggling to understand how it works.

Course cost: $5/£5. You don’t have to pay, but it enables more courses to be created. Thanks!

Course Contents in Detail

1: 6 ways to make money from your site or blog

  • Discover the different ways you can make money online

2: Where to start? Blogging platforms

  • Blogging platforms – what are your choices?
  • WordPress vs other CMS
  • Pros and cons of vs self hosted (.org)

3: Get a website in 5 mins! Step by step guide

  • Sign up with
  • Step by step guide to setting up your free website

4: Log in to WordPress and use the dashboard

  • How to log in to the WordPress admin interface
  • What’s on the dashboard?
  • Configure the screen options
  • Set the website title and tagline

5: WordPress posts and pages – What’s the difference?

  • What is a post?
  • What is a page?
  • Posts vs Pages – Which should you use?

6: Create posts for your website

  • Create a post and set the title
  • Add text, set styles, insert links
  • Prepare images
  • Add images, format images
  • Add text, set styles, insert links
  • Publish a post

7: Create pages for your website – Add them to menus

  • How to edit a page
  • How to create new pages
  • How to add pages to menus

8: Customise the theme – make your site look great!

  • How to customise the theme
  • Add a header
  • Change the font
  • Set featured images in articles

9: Find and install new themes – give your site a makeover

  • Browse the theme gallery
  • Preview themes and customise them
  • Activate a theme

10: Add widgets to your WordPress site and configure them

  • What are widgets?
  • Add a widget to the sidebar
  • Customise a widget

11: Customise the settings for your WordPress site

  • Important General settings
  • Customise the Reading settings – static page vs posts
  • Take control of Comments and spam

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