How to view a website on any device using Blisk browser

If you have a website or blog then Blisk web browser is a brilliant tool to have on your computer because it lets you view your site on any device. See how your site looks on a variety of phones and tablets with this emulator.

It does not quite emulate every device, but it certainly supports a lot of them and this is essential for ensuring that your website works well on everything.

These days people access the web on desktop computers, mobile phones and tablets running Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. Mobile access is rising and making sure your website works on handheld devices cannot be ignored.

Blisk could be used as your main web browser because it is built on Chromium, which is the same engine that powers Google Chrome browser.

However, Blisk browser is aimed at website developers and blog owners that want to check that their site is compatible with mobile devices. It should be your second browser, not your main one.

More than one browser can be installed on your computer, so no matter whether you are an Edge, Chrome or Firefox fan, add Blisk and use it whenever you want to check that your website is working properly. (Don’t have a website? Read Where to start blogging, website building and 11 essential points when choosing web hosting.)

Get started with Blisk browser

Download and install Blisk browser. Afterwards, start Blisk and enter a URL to go to the site you want to view. It could be your own website or you can check out competitors’ websites. (You should always check what your competitors are doing.)

Down the left hand edge of the browser window is a collection of devices, such as iPhones from the iPhone 4 to the 7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S3 to S7, there is an LG phone and a Google Nexus, and more.

There is also an iPad Air and iPad mini, Google Nexus 7 and 10 tablets. Choose your device!

See your site on a device

Any one of these devices can be clicked to see it emulated in the browser window, as you can see in the screenshot below.

You will see the web page exactly as it would appear on the device. I checked it with my own phones and tablets and it is an accurate display.

Blisk web browser emulates popular mobile phones and tablets

Although you will no doubt have a phone and probably a tablet of your own on which you can test your website, you won’t have the range of devices that are available in Blisk.

There are differences from one model of phone to another. The most obvious of these is the screen size and resolution.

One click in the device list and you can see your website on a small iPhone 4 screen, click again and you can see it on a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, and so on.

The question is, does your site look OK on every device? If you have never viewed your website on a mobile device, or perhaps devices other than your own phone, you may be surprised by how it looks.

Interact with your site

Blisk browser is a fantastic tool for anyone with a website or blog. The emulated device is fully interactive and you can click anywhere on the mobile screen to simulate taps on the device’s screen. Everything works just like the real thing.

If your computer has a touch screen, and several laptops and hybrids do these days, the emulated phone responds to touch.

You can swipe up and down the screen, pinch and spread to zoom out and in, tap buttons, menus and links, adverts are displayed if the site has ads and and so on. (Ads are one of 6 ways to make money from a website or blog.)

The emulated phone or tablet can be switched to landscape mode too.

Blisk web browser with the device in landscape mode

The main part of the Blisk window shows the desktop version of the web page. You can browse either the desktop or mobile views and both are kept in sync, so you see the same part of the web page as both scroll simultaneously.

There is an auto-refresh option and this monitors the web page for changes to the source file. If you are editing the page remotely on the website or locally on the PC’s disk, every change is automatically displayed.

Errors on the page are displayed as notifications, so you can see if there is a problem with the code.

Blisk does not interfere with any browsers that are already installed on the computer. It is free to download and install and if you create a free account, it unlocks some extra features like cloud storage.

Blisk is recommended for anyone with a website or who needs to check websites for compatibility with phones and tablets.



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