Display is a social network that pays to post, but is it good?

There has been much interest in alternative social networks recently, largely from users wanting more privacy, less tracking and freer speech. Which ones will survive and will Display be one?

There is always someone wanting to be the next Facebook or Twitter clone, or some combination of the two with parts stitched together like Frankenstein’s monster.

Display Social, which was called TSu when I originally joined, is an alternative social network. It is on the web at www.displaysocial.com and there are apps for the iPhone and Android phones. With each of these social media wannabes you have to ask, what’s different?

In TSu’s case it is a social media platform that pays you to post.

Actually, Display Social is a third reincarnation of a social network that appeared many years ago, 2014-ish, disappeared, and now it has come back from the. Hopefully, better this time around.

What is Display Social network like?

Display looks similar to many other social networks, at least on a phone, which is where many people interact with social networks. With a scrolling feed that shows posts of various types, like text, photos, videos and links, plus hash tags, it looks familiar. You can post what you are doing or have done, share a link to your blog or website, share your thoughts and opinions on topics, and so on.

TSu social media screenshot from an Android phone
TSu has been rebranded as Display

You see what the people you follow have posted in your main feed. There are also groups, a bit like Facebook groups, where people with a similar hobby or interest can gather.

You can comment on posts, like them and share them in your own feed. It is all fairly standard for a social network.

Make money with Display Social

If you want to make money online, Display could be a way to do it, but don’t expect to get rich. Display is ad-supported and adverts appear every so often in the main feed. As you scroll through the posts, you will see an advert. I have seen many for shopping on Amazon for example, but there are others.

Engaging in various activities earns you money or when other people engage with you, you earn money. The idea is that you make friends, post lots of content, get people to follow you, and so on. It earns you tiny fractions of dollars that slowly build up.

With each post in the TSU feed is a Support Me button. When people press this, it shows them an advert, at least that’s what I get. If someone taps your Support Me button, you earn money. If you tap someone else’s button, they get the money. The more you post and the more friends you have and the more they tap your Support Me button, the more money you make.

TSu social media app from an Android phone showing earnings
Earn money using a social network

The amounts are really tiny and I have had from $0.0004 to $0.0046 so far, but these small amounts add up. How much money can you make? I have only been on TSu a few days, so don’t go by my meagre earnings. I don’t know what the top earners make and there are always exceptional people who do better than average. What can you, the average person expect to earn?

In the limited time I was on TSu, (now Display), and the limited number of posts I saw, my best guess is that you could earn $1 a day once you have been on there a few months. Some people will earn more, some a lot less, but I think $1 is probably an achievable target for the average person.

I was on Display (TSu) a very short time and haven’t built up much of a following, but have already earned some money. I have not yet been on there long enough to be paid, but I am hopeful and working on it.

What’s wrong with Display?

All this talk about money and getting paid to post on a social network attracts people that want an easy way to earn money. People want to follow you and want to be your friend because it earns them money. A common tactic in social media is to follow as many people as you can and hope some will follow you back. This builds followers and in the case of Display, they will then earn you money.

This could lead to fake friends and fake followers who are on the social network just to make money. I had a follower within one hour of joining and just one bland post. Within a couple of days I had 60 followers.

Will it take off?

Display could be an interesting alternative to Facebook and Twitter for those that don’t like the social media giants and their tracking activities or posting rules. It needs more members and you will be on there all on your own until you can persuade your friends and family to join up.

Of course, you might find new friends and there is no shortage of people wanting to follow you and be your friend on there, but I can’t help thinking that is is for the wrong reasons.

The main problem I have with it is that it is currently very slow. The text of posts appears, but sometimes it can take 10 or 20 seconds for images in posts to appear. I see a lot of spinning wheels while it fetches images. Perhaps it is suffering from growing pains and the volume of members is too much for it. Hopefully, TSu will get some more processing power and speed up the service a bit.

I am willing to give it a chance because you never know what the next big social media service will be. Maybe this one, maybe not.


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