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End-to-end encrypted notes on PC and Mac

laptop computer, phone and notepad. Encrypt your notes

Are notes stored on your computer, phone or in the cloud in plain text that anyone can read? Here are free apps for PC, Mac and mobile that encrypt your notes for privacy and security.

How to send emails from Google Docs documents

Mail coming out of a computer screen.

Did you know that you can send emails from within a Google Docs documents via your Gmail account without leaving Google Docs? Keep emails within the document it refers to. It has several uses.

How to improve your writing with Grammarly AI

Person typing on a laptop computer showing their hands on the keyboard.

AI has many uses, like improving your writing. Grammarly has been doing that for years by checking spelling and grammar, but now there’s Grammarly AI. Here’s an easy step-by-step guide.

Customize email views in the new Outlook for Mac

Illustration of email on a laptop computer

Outlook for Mac is new, it is packed with features and it is free. What more could you want? This is a great email, calendar and contacts app. Let’s see how to customize the email view. If you have not…