How to stop Google sign in popup as you browse the web

Popup windows, messages, ads, sign ins and other things are annoying when you are browsing the web. Here is how to stop Google sign in popups from annoying you on the websites you visit.

If you have a Google account, which most people do, you have probably been irritated by a popup window in the top right corner of the web browser prompting you to sign in with Google when you visit a website.

It can happen several times in a browsing session and sometimes several times on the same website. It is very annoying if you either don’t use that method to log into a website or if you don’t want to log in right now.

I hear about many interesting products and services and naturally, I check them out by visiting the websites. I am just curious and I am just looking for more information. Yet that Google popup often appears and I have to dismiss it. Sometimes several times, such as when I visit another page on the site and return to the home page. There’s that popup again!

If this annoys you, there is a way to prevent it from appearing. Let’s take a look. It is a setting in your Google account and it does not matter whether you use a Windows PC or an Apple Mac.

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The Google popup problem

A popup Google sign-in form on a website.
Plagued by Google sign-in forms?

Only certain websites trigger the Google popup and they are ones that allow people to log in, usually because they offer some kind of web service. There are many examples and here is Notion, which is an online collaborative notes, tasks, docs and project manager.

Visit the site and you will see the Google sign in popup. If you already use Notion, log out and visit the home page to see it. This is not a criticism of Notion, I like it a lot and have a free account there.

Manage your Google account

Google account popup.
Google account popup.

If you are currently on a Google page or service, like the Google home page, click your picture in the top right corner and then click Manage your Google Account in the window that appears. You can also go to your account by entering into the web browser’s address box.

Google account security settings

Google account security settings.
Google account security settings.

Select the Security section on the left and then scroll the right side until you see Your connections to third-party apps & services. Either click this title or click the See all connections link below.

Third-party apps & services

Third-party access to your Google account.
Third-party access to your Google account.

This section lists the apps and services that you have used Google sign-in with. There will be web services, apps and games, and so on. Ignore them and click the gear icon in the top right corner of the page.

settings

Settings for third-party apps and services accessing your Google account.
Settings for third-party apps and services

This displays sign-in settings and there is just one, Google Account sign-in prompts. Turn off the switch if you do not want to see Google sign in popups when you visit websites. Try browsing the web with it disabled. If you prefer it as it was before, just return here and turn it back on.

It is up to you whether you use it or not. It certainly removes an irritation when browsing the web. There are still a lot of other annoying web popups, but at least now there is one less.

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