Learn the skills you need to grow your site and get more traffic

How do you create a great website? How do you make the most of email marketing? What’s the best way to use social media? How do you build your brand? Google Primer has the answers.

What is Google Primer?

It is a free app for the iPhone and Android phones that enables you to learn new skills and gain new knowledge. It covers a wide range of website, promotion, marketing, SEO and other skills you need for a blog, website or online business.

The app teaches you with a series of mini courses or lessons that can be taken in around five minutes and because they are in an app on your phone, you can satudy them anytime and anywhere.

Whether you are waiting at the bus stop, in a queue, waiting for your TV programme to start or having a coffee, you can take your phone out and work through a mini course and learn new a new skill.

How do I get Google Primer?

To get the app, open the App Store on the iPhone or the Play Store on an Android phone and search for ‘Google Primer’.

The app is free, so go ahead and download it.

How do I use it?

The home screen contains a short list of featured lessons and there are a couple of large tiles followed by a series of smaller tiles. Each one shows the title, the category and the estimated time to complete, which is typically four or five minutes at a leisurely pace.

Find a featured lesson that interests you and tap it to start. Small snippets of information are presented on a series of cards and you read them and swipe them away. Sometimes the lesson digs a little deeper, so a card may have sub-cards with more information and it will say ‘Let’s explore this’.

Google Primer app on Android home screen

Sometimes there are question and answer cards, and these are designed to check that you understand a point being made in the lesson. You might need to choose between two answers and select the correct one for example.

There is a compass icon in the top right corner of the screen and tapping it shows all the cards in a lesson. Some cards have a pin icon and this can be used to save useful bits of information that are particularly important to you.

A lesson in Google Primer app on an Android phone

After a lesson has been completed, you can revisit it at any time and see your pinned cards, or even start at the beginning and repeat the whole lesson.

How many lessons are there?

Tap the search icon (magnifying glass), and there is a list of 18 categories and they contain well over 100 lessons.

Not all of the lessons are applicable to everyone, but if you have a blog, website, or online business, then you will find that a lot of them are very useful indeed.

The lessons are very short and they do not cover anywhere near as much material as an online course taken on the computer. A five minute lesson cannot compete with a 10 or 15 part course with thousands of words of text, screenshots, videos, slideshows and so on.

Google Primer app on Android

Google Primer lessons are like the course or lesson summary, bullet points or key facts. Small snippets of information that you should learn from and remember.

To make a success of your blog, website or online business you might need to take some more substantial courses and there are some here at RAW Guides Courses, but Google Primer is recommended and it is a great resource.