Secrets to successful social media promotion – Contents

Master social media with these top tips and increase visitors to your website or blog

Take this course to learn how to successfully promote your website, blog, business or services across a range of social sites. There are some obvious places to share and some that might surprise you.

The first few articles are a bit technical, but it is very useful to know how social shares work. It enables you to check that everything is working OK and to solve problems when they are not. It gets simpler from part 5 and on.

1 Use meta tags to describe your content

  • Get the age content right
  • The importance of featured images
  • Best size for featured images
  • Use old school meta tags
  • Meta tags with All-in-One SEO
  • Meta tags with Yoast

2 Use Open Graph tags for Facebook shares

  • Do your pages use Open Graph tags?
  • Open Graph tags with Jetpack
  • Open Graph tags with Yoast
  • How to use Facebook debugger
  • Fix problems with Facebook debugger

3 Use Twitter Cards for great tweets

  • The benefits of Twitter Cards
  • Twitter’s meta tags
  • Twitter and Open Graph tags
  • Best WordPress plugins for Twitter
  • Use the Twitter Card Validator
  • Troubleshooting Twitter Cards

4 Use Rich Pins for stand-out Pinterest shares

  • Use Open Graph tags
  • Special Pinterest tags
  • Optimise the page content
  • Enable Rich Pins with the validator
  • Confirm your website

5 Use Google+ to promote your site

  • Why promote with Google+?
  • Get a Google+ account
  • Google+ home feed
  • Google+ collections
  • Create a Google+ collection
  • Google+ communities
  • Create your own Google+ community
  • Posting strategy

6 Master Twitter to promote your business or blog

  • Who sees your tweets
  • Optimise tweets for search
  • Make tweets public, not private
  • Boost visibility with hashtags
  • Build followers by following
  • Analyse Twitter followers with Crowdfire


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