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Facebook has 2 billion members, so the number of people you could reach with posts promoting your site and articles is incredible. However, you need to do this carefully and thoughtfully or you can be banned from Facebook groups, banned from posting to your own page or even everywhere on Facebook.

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Have you ever heard of Facebook Jail? It is often used to describe the situation when Facebook prevents you from posting anywhere because it regards you as a spammer.

You should share your site, posts and services as much as possible on Facebook because of the tremendous reach that is possible, but you need to do it without triggering spam detectors.

It is best to err on the side of caution and stay safe. Even so, you can share multiple links daily with the right strategy. That strategy is outlined here.

Let’s see how to make the most of Facebook’s massive audience.

Business vs personal accounts

Is your Facebook account for personal use or business use? You could post links from your website or blog to your home feed to promote them. However, the family and friends that are among your connections are rarely the target audience of your site.

Your home feed probably isn’t the best place to promote stuff. In fact, it is a good idea to avoid family and friends. It they like your posts, Facebook may regard them as being only for family and friends posts and then limit their exposure.

Tell family and friends not to like your posts so Facebook does not regard them as personal or private. Better still, don’t post business posts on your home feed.

Create Facebook pages

Instead of sharing your site and blog posts on your Facebook home feed, share links on a Facebook page. This can be branded and presented in a way that reflects your website, business or blog.

Create a Facebook page, share your links, share your page and grow your audience with likes and follows.

Go to the Facebook menu in the top right corner and create a page. This can be dedicated to your website, blog, or simply the subject area you cover.

Create a Facebook page from the menu

Before you create a page, think carefully about the name because there are restrictions on changes that prevent them from changing too much. Get it right from the start.

You need a large image for the page cover photo. This, according to Facebook, should be 851 x 315 pixels and less than 100k file size. A .png file produces the sharpest image, but .jpg is usually smaller and faster and looks just as good.

You need a small profile image that appears in the top left corner and this should be 170 x 170 pixels.

Profile photos are cropped to be circles when displayed in certain places, so don’t put anything in the corners. Keep your face or logo in the centre.

Just below the large cover image is a row of buttons. Click the three dots and select Edit Page Info on the menu that is displayed. It enables you to enter a description, links to your website, email address, phone number (if you have a business phone), and so on.

After creating the page, click Settings. There are a dozen categories in the list on the left and a gazillion settings. Go through each one because some are important. For example, you can target specific audiences with your page.

People that like your page may see your posts in their Facebook news feed. Unfortunately, Facebook limits free exposure, so you may find that 10% or fewer of your followers see a post.

How often should you post? To begin with, try one link to your stuff and 2 or 3 to other people’s per day. As your page grows, you can increase this a little. Very large pages can post more than 5 times a day, but small pages should limit their posting.

Use Facebook groups

There are hundreds of millions of Facebook groups, so no matter what the niche of your blog or website, there is bound to be many groups dedicated to it that you can join. Use the search facility in Facebook to find groups that are in your subject area and join them. Focus on quality rather than quantity, so 10 good groups are better than 100 poor ones.

Some groups allow you to share links to your site, blog, Facebook page, Instagram account, but others don’t. Read the rules. If you break them you may be banned from a group.

It is easy to join groups, but there are also benefits to creating your own not the least being you are boss! Building your own group takes time and effort, but many people join other groups while building their own.

Create a Facebook group

There may be special days for sharing links and they may be restricted to within a thread rather than a post on its own, so visit the group regularly and get to know it before posting any links to your content.

Some groups have thousands of members and some have tens of thousands. They can be a good way to promote your stuff, but only if you are careful.

How to promote your content

Facebook is always watching and trying to identify spammers. The trick is to promote your content as much as you can, but without Facebook labelling you as a spammer and blocking you.

You can be blocked from posting anywhere on Facebook for days or even weeks, depending on how serious the offence was or the number of times you have been caught before. It is sometimes called Facebook Jail.

The wrong way to promote your content is to share one link to a post on your site across multiple groups and pages.

Facebook counts the number of times you share a link and how fast. Share the same link 10 times in 10 minutes and you could well be flagged as a spammer.

The right way to promote your content is to share links to several posts, sharing each one once on any one day.

Secret sharing method for Facebook

Find 5 places to post on Facebook, such as five groups in your subject area (assuming they permit you to share links).

Share your most recent 5 posts, one to each group, like this: Let’s say you post recipes for apple pie, blueberry pie, pecan pie, gooseberry pie and rhubarb pie:

Group 1 - Apple pie
Group 2 - Blueberry pie
Group 3 - Pecan pie
Group 4 - Gooseberry pie
Group 5 - Rhubarb pie

You create a new post, which is a cherry pie recipe. You would then share links like this: The new post becomes Post 1. The old Post 1 becomes Post 2, 2 becomes 3, 3 becomes 4. Post 5 drops off the list as it is replaced by Post 4.

Cherry pie is added to the top of the list and the others are pushed down. Rhubarb pie drops off the bottom.

Group 1 - Cherry pie
Group 2 - Apple pie
Group 3 - Blueberry pie
Group 4 - Pecan pie
Group 5 - Gooseberry pie

The next post may be Strawberry pie and it goes to the top of the list while Gooseberry pie drops off:

Group 1 - Strawberry pie
Group 2 - Cherry pie
Group 3 - Apple pie
Group 4 - Blueberry pie
Group 5 - Pecan pie

Using this method, you share five links to your site at a time. However, each post is shared only once on each occasion, so if Facebook is counting, it will count only one share.

However, each post gets shared a total of five times, but only once on any occasion.

I have used this technique with up to 20 Facebook groups and 20 different links without triggering spam filters and getting put in Facebook Jail. However, it is better to focus on 5 great groups rather than 20 poor ones.

Action points

  • Avoid posting your website, business or blog links on your home feed
  • Create a Facebook page to share links to your site/business/blog
  • Tell friends and family not to like posts to your page
  • Post to your page to no more than 5 times a day
  • Share other people’s content to your page
  • Use Facebook search to find groups in your subject area and join them
  • Engage in discussions in the groups
  • Share links to your site in the groups, but only if allowed. Check the group rules

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