Got pink highlights in Chrome or a Chrome PC? Solved!

Some people have color problems with Chrome or on their Chrome PC and there are pink highlights or other colors that should not be showing. Here is what is wrong and how to fix the problem.

If Chrome or your Chromebook has weird colors, it could be because at some point either you, an extension or an app changed the default color scheme in Chrome. It is possible to completely change the color palette used by Chrome and to apply themes to it.

The problem appears to be caused by not completely resetting the colors used by Chrome or the theme when you change back to normal. Let’s see how to change Chrome’s color scheme and how to apply different themes. At the end, I will show how to reset the color scheme and theme, and clear all previous settings to return to the default.

This is a Chrome feature and it works on PC, Mac, Linux and Chromebook.

Change the color scheme in Chrome

There is more than one way to change the color scheme and theme in Chrome. One way is to go to the Chrome Web Store, browse them and add one to the browser. Here I will use a different method, one that has only recently been added to Chrome browser and one you may not have realized exists.

Open a new tab in Chrome.

Customize Chrome menu in the browser.
Open the side panel to customize Chrome

Click the rectangle icon in the toolbar in the top right corner. This opens a panel on the right-hand side of the browser. It defaults to Reading List, but click it and then select Customize Chrome on the menu. This menu option only appears on new tabs. You did open a new tab didn’t you?

Select a new color scheme for Chrome browser.
Pick a color scheme or click Change theme

You can now select a new color scheme for Chrome by clicking the circles. There are two colors in each one, a darker one and a lighter one. They are used for different parts of the browser interface.

Click a few and see which color combination you like best. Close the panel and Chrome uses your color scheme from now on.

Apply a theme to Chrome

In the Appearance panel we just used to select a color scheme, is a Change theme button. A theme is more than just a change of colors and an image is applied to the new tab window among other things.

Browse theme collections in the sidebar in Chrome.
Browse the theme collections

Click Change theme and the panel contents changes to show theme collections. Click one of the tiles showing a collection and the themes are displayed.

Here I selected the Landscapes collection and it shows dozens of great themes based on fantastic landscape photographs. Click one to make it the default wallpaper image for new tabs and to set an appropriate color scheme.

Browse theme collections in Chrome and apply a theme.
Select your favorite Chrome theme

Go back a step, select another category of themes to see thumbnails of them and click one to apply it and see what it looks like. Close the panel to keep the current theme and color scheme.

Reset Chrome colors and theme

If you want to return to the normal Chrome theme and color scheme, open a new tab, click the rectangle in the toolbar, click Change theme and the first item in the Themes list is Classic Chrome. Click it to return Chrome to normal using the defaults.

Reset Chrome theme and color scheme.
Select Classic Chrome to reset theme and colors

When people complain about having pink highlights or other colors in Chrome, it is probably because the browser has not completely cleared all the color settings and theme options. Something is left over.

Here is a more powerful way to reset Chrome color scheme and theme.

Reset Chrome theme and colors in Settings.
Reset Chrome theme in Settings

Click the three dots in the top right corner to open the menu and select Settings. Select Appearance in the sidebar and on the right is a Reset the default button in the Theme section. Click it to reset the colors and theme. It usually works when there are weird highlight colors still showing in Chrome.

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