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Once a website is built or a post is published, your work has just begun. You must promote, promote, promote! I have looked at Facebook and Pinterest in earlier parts of this course, which are hugely important, but there are many other places to promote.

Here is a a great list of alternative places to promote your content, and possibly a few you never thought of.

It is best not to put all your eggs in one basket. In other words, do not focus on one place and ignore all the other places you can promote your site and posts. Promotion does not start and end with Pinterest or Facebook, and there is so much more.

One place will usually be your best source of traffic and it may be Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or wherever, but a change to the way the service works could severely impact your traffic. For example, a tweak to the Facebook algorithm that shows your shares to other people can severely reduce your reach and likes.

Spread yourself around and you minimise the risk of losing traffic. Another benefit is that you might discover another great place to share your links and promote your site and posts.

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