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Get tech support in a private forum

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  • Got a problem with your PC, Mac, phone or tablet? Post it in the private members forum and we’ll do our best to solve it
  • The members forum is a hidden and private discussion forum that only members can see – talk in private with other members

See a faster, cleaner site

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  • Greatly reduced adverts on RAWinfopages – get rid of the irritations on web pages
  • A faster, cleaner website better for desktop and phone – less data on your phone, fewer delays loading pages

Members-only content

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  • Members-only content like PDFs and ebooks – download them to read offline, transfer them to your e-reader app
  • Members have access to new courses under development before they are made public

Support independent websites

Websites have many costs and it takes a lot of time and effort to create content and maintain it. Some sites are run by large companies with big budgets and dozens of employees, but RAWinfopages is an independent site run by one person, Roland Waddilove.

Roland Waddilove

All content is created by myself and all costs come out of my pocket. I would like to continue creating useful and valuable content and for that I need your support. Your membership helps RAWinfopages to grow.

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Your tech problems solved


Members have access to a private forum that the public cannot see. Chat privately – posts are visible only to logged-in members.

The forum is for tech support – get solutions to your tech problems with Windows PC, Apple Mac, phone tablet and other devices.

I have been solving tech problems for readers of a UK computer magazine for more than 10 years and on most occasions I have been able to either solve the problem or point the person the right direction. Every effort is made to find an answer.

How it works: Membership details are  emailed to you. Check the spam folder if you don’t see it. You must be 18 or over to become a member. We have the right to disable any account if a member acts inappropriately.

Problems registering? Email [email protected]

Tech support: There are limits to tech support. For example, it is for individuals, not companies. Every effort is made to answer questions, but we cannot guarantee to solve every problem.