Learn to trade currencies and shares with games on Android phones

If you want to succeed in currency trading, shares and foreign exchanges, these apps for Android enable you to practise and build skills and knowledge without risk of losing any money.

It can be hard to ignore the ups and downs of the price of Bitcoin and its meteoric rise has made many early investors rich, but you have to feel sorry for those that invested at its peak only to see its value plunge. It often recovers its price, but there is no guarantee that the price tomorrow will be higher than today.

Could Bitcoin take off again and increase in value? Will it fall even further? People will speculate either way and gamble real money on the direction the currency will go.

The massive gains that some people made might tempt you to try investing some of your own money in cryptocurrencies and real currencies like the US Dollar, Euro and GB Pound, but it is very risky. You could double your investment in weeks or lose it all. It is a gamble.

Shares in companies on stock markets are not as volatile and there is less risk involved, but with less risk there is also less profit. Should you play safe, well not exactly safe, but safer and stick to shares? Could you make money trading shares on the markets?

Knowing when to buy and when to sell, whether it is currency or shares, is clearly important, but instead of diving in as a complete novice with your own hard-earned real money, you should build your skills using games and simulations. Specifically, games that involve risk.

The risk is actually only to virtual, pretend money. However, it is interesting to see whether you can grow your initial amount or whether you will lose it.

Here are some games for your Android phone that enable you to practise investing in currencies and shares and gain investing exrience experience in a safe way.

Trader Tycoon

Price: Free | By: Trading Platforms | Size: 10 Mb | Android: 4.3 and up

Trading Tycoon is a game for Android that lets you practise investing in currencies
A nice return on Euro/USD exchange rate

This Android app seems to have been through a few names in its history and now seems to be called Top Brokers: Forex Trading Simulator. It is a very simple app. The home screen shows the ever-changing price of currency pairs like Euro vs US Dollar, US Dollar vs Japanese Yen, and GB Pound vs US Dollar.

The chart shows the ups and downs of the exchange rate and can show a range from the last five seconds to the last day. All you have to do is tap DOWN or UP to try to guess which why the price will go.

The game starts you off with $1,000 and you win or lose the difference between the price when you tapped DOWN or UP and when you tap STOP. You can let it run for as long as you want, from seconds to minutes or hours. I made a profit of $97 in under two minutes. Then lost it five minutes later!

It is unlikely to be that easy in real life and a quick win like this is not an indication of a trend. You should run this app for a month and see how much you win or lose over a long period of time.

The game uses pretend money so nothing is won or lost and it is simply for fun and for learning. However, there are links in the app to get a real trading app that uses real money, so don’t get carried away after half an hour with the app and think you can make it big in investing.

Top Brokers uses real market data and when the real markets are closed, it uses historical data so you can play at any time. It is such a simple app, yet fascinating and addictive at the same time. How much can you make?

Forex Game – Online Stocks Trading For Beginners

Price: Free | By: Trading Platforms | Size: 11 Mb | Android: 4.3 and up

Forex Game lets you play at investing in currencies like Bitcoin and others
Lost a little money on Bitcoin

Forex Game is almost identical to the previous app, except that it lets you play with Bitcoin in addition to normal currencies. Almost everything said about Trader Tycoon applies to this one.

You play with $1,000 of pretend money and try to guess whether Bitcoin or the selected currencies will go up or down. You can start and stop at any time and cash in your gains or stop the losses.

The app uses real market data when the markets are open and historical data when they are not and so it gives you a valuable lesson in investing. You can (pretend) buy Bitcoin, see if it goes up or down and whether you would make or lose money.

The app has links to real trading apps, so don’t get carried away and invest real money until you can show a good profit in the game.

StockMarketSim – Stock Market Simulator

Price: Free | By: Line Century| Size: 7 Mb | Android: 5.0 and up

StockMarketSim Android app
StockMarketSim: A stock market simulation game

StockMarketSim is another simple game for your Android phone and it aims to simulate the stock markets around the world. It says it recognizes over 100,000 symbols from stock markets in over 30 countries around the world, including US, UK, Australia, Canada and many more.

You start off with $10,000 and the aim is to grow your investment by buying and selling shares in companies. All you need to do is buy them when the price is low and then sell them when the price is high. It is not that easy of course and it is often hard to predict whether a share price will rise or fall.

You can search for companies and then buy shares with your money. It’s not real money and you never actually own any shares, it’s just pretending. However, the app uses real stock market and share price information so you can see how you would have fared in the real world.

The app is very easy to use and is a good learning tool if one day you intend to do this for real.