How to improve your writing with Grammarly AI

AI has many uses, like improving your writing. Grammarly has been doing that for years by checking spelling and grammar, but now there’s Grammarly AI. Here’s an easy step-by-step guide.

There is no shortage of AI tools to help you write and rewrite text, to generate ideas for articles, books and reports, and even write and summarize emails. I wrote about it in Use AI to write emails with BlueMail.

AI is everywhere these days and now it is in Grammarly, a tool used by many people to improve their writing and catch typing slips. GrammaryGO generative AI is a new feature recently added to the spelling and grammar checker and it has multiple uses.

It works with all account types, although there are limits. It start starts with 100 prompts a month for free accounts and this increases to 500 for Premium subscribers. A prompt is when you give it a task to do, like composing, replying, rewriting and so on.

Grammarly is available for multiple devices, as Windows and Mac desktop apps, web browser extensions, and iPhone and Android phone apps. For this guide I will be using the Grammarly website and just a web browser. Sign up for a free account to follow this guide.

Set your voice with Grammarly AI

When signed in to the Grammarly website, create a new empty document. The editor appears and you can either type in some text or copy and paste it from elsewhere. You can go straight to Grammarly Go in the sidebar on the right of the editor, but some text will be useful later.

Selecting your voice using GrammarlyGo for Grammarly.
Grammarly AI popup panel for configuring the voice

The first thing you must do is set your voice. Click the Set voice button if you are asked for it.

Setting the voice for GrammarlyGO AI text responses.
Choose the style of responses that GrammarlyGo AI generates

Now you can select the style, such as Casual and Witty, Formal and Confident and so on. Your selection affects the style of the AI text generated.

Generate ideas with GrammarlyGO AI

Enter some text into the box at the bottom of the GO panel, or copy and paste it from elsewhere. It offers three options: Identify any gaps, Give me ideas for improvement, and Pick out my main point. There is also a More button – click it for more options.

Enter a prompt into GrammarlyGO AI.
Enter a prompt into GrammarlyGO – what do you want it to do?

A long list of things the AI can do is presented. Use the scrollbar on the right to browse through them and select the one that is most appropriate.

Select the response type from a list in GrammarlyGO.
Choose the type of response you want from GrammarlyGO

When you have entered some text and selected the type of response you want, click the arrow in the bottom right corner. (Notice that it says there are 100 prompts remaining at the top, this decreases every time you ask GrammarlyGO to do something.)

View the generated text

Grammarly AI AI produces the result after a few seconds. The text that is produced depends on the options you select, and yours will be different to mine, but it will look something like this.

A response from GrammarlyGO AI.
GrammarlyGO text response based on your prompt and settings

If you are happy with what it says, click the Insert button to insert the text into your document wherever the cursor is positioned. If text is currently selected in the document, the AI text replaces it.

If the generated text is not quite what you want, ask GrammarlyGO to try again. Click the Rephrase button to the right of Insert.

GrammarlyGO AI can rewrite responses in different ways.
Not happy with the GrammarlyGO AI response? Rewrite it.

There are buttons below the text to Make it persuasive, Make it assertive or Sound confident. Try them and see what it comes up with. Click the More button for more options to change the style of writing.

Here I clicked More and selected the option to shorten it. Click the Insert button next to the text you want to use. (Notice I now have 96 prompts remaining in the top right corner.)

Rewrite text with GrammarlyGO AI

Create a new document at the Grammarly website and either type in some text or copy and paste it if you wrote it elsewhere. Here is part of an article.

GrammarlyGO button under selected text.
Select text and a GrammarlyGO button is displayed below it.

Click and drag over some text with the mouse and two buttons appear just below the selection. Click the right-hand button to copy the text into GrammarlyGO.

Selected text in GrammarlyGO.
Using selected text as the prompt in GrammarlyGO

The GrammarlyGO window appears in the bottom left corner of the page and there are various options to rewrite the text. You can simply click Improve it to see if the AI can come up with something better. There are also options to Create an outline and Create a TL;DR. Click the More button for more ways to rewrite or summarize the text.

Rewriting selected text in GrammarlyGO
GrammarlyGO can rewrite selected text in various ways

I clicked Improve it and this is what it came up with. Click the Insert button to replace the original text with this rewritten version.

Summing up

GrammarlyGo is a great addition to the Grammarly spelling and grammar checker. If you are stuck for words, it can generate ideas. It can rewrite text you are not happy with, it can rewrite it or shorten it. It can write in different styles. It can summarize text.

It is not perfect of course, but I would rather have this tool than not have it. Use it for ideas, generate text and then edit it yourself, and more.

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