How to show your latest Twitter tweets in your blog sidebar

A sidebar on your blog or website is a great place to put widgets and you can use it to show your recent Twitter tweets. It is great for your site’s visitors and they can see and interact with great content.

If you are not using Twitter, you should seriously think about it because the service has hundreds of millions of users. It can’t match the 2 billion that Facebook has, but it is still a very important social network.

If you can build up a followers of your account, you can then promote your blog and its latest posts to them by tweeting links. When these are clicked they send people back to your site and so your traffic grows.

A Twitter widget in the sidebar enables you to show off your latest tweets and this encourages people to follow you. If you tweet about posts on your site, the sidebar widget then becomes another way of keeping people on your site with interesting links.

Some plugins enable Twitter feeds to be inserted into your blog/website and they are easy to use, but they are not essential because you can create a Twitter widget at the Twitter website. Here is a guide to creating and showing a Twitter feed in the sidebar of your WordPress website.

1 Go to Twitter widgets

There is a special section in Twitter for creating widgets for websites. Assuming you are signed into Twitter, go to You can also get there by going to Twitter, clicking your profile photo and selecting Settings and privacy. Select Widgets on the left.

Click the Create new button in the top right corner.

Create a Twitter widget for your website


2 Choose the content

A menu is displayed showing the different types of widget that can be created. If you want to show a feed of your tweets, select Profile. Likes shows other people’s tweets you have liked, List shows a Twitter list you have built and so on.

Create a Twitter widget for your website


3 Twitter content and style

It asks what you want to embed and there are several options below. You could enter your (or anyone’s) Twitter URL, but it is simpler to just enter the username, such as @rwaddilove.

What you enter affects the type and number of widget styles that can be used. Entering a Twitter username leaves just two widget styles. Click the one on the left, Embedded Timeline.

Create a Twitter widget for your website


4 Copy the code

The code you need is displayed at the top. You could click the Copy Code button, but at the top is a link that takes you to a new page to customise the options. Click it.

Create a Twitter widget for your website


5 Customise the look

There are a few basic customisation options such as setting the size and width of the widget. Set the width so that it just fits inside the sidebar. (If you need to know your sidebar’s width, take a screenshot, load it into a photo editor, crop it and see the width.)

Click the Update button to apply the customisation options.

Create a Twitter widget for your website


6 Copy the code

That takes you back to the previous step, but with updated code. Click Copy Code.

Create a Twitter widget for your website


7 Add an HTML widget

In WordPress, go to Appearance > Widgets and you will see a collection of widgets that can be added to the sidebar. Drag the Custom HTML widget to the Sidebar and drop it. Enter a title for the widget, such as Follow me on Twitter, and paste the code into the Content box. Save it.

Add a Custom HTML widget to the WordPress sidebar


8 View your Twitter widget

Now go to your site, click any post and look at the sidebar. (Sidebars don’t always appear on the home page, so view a post.) Here is what my Twitter feed looks like.

A Twitter widget in the WordPress sidebar

That is a great widget and it is one more thing to capture your visitor’s interest.