How to keep on top of tasks and to-do lists with Taskade

We often have many tasks to perform, projects to complete and things to do. It can be difficult managing everything, but fortunately there are tools like Taskade for managing tasks.

There are many task managers, project managers, to-do list apps and so on, so Taskade has some stiff competition in this market. Trello, Asana, MeisterTask, Freedcamp, to name just a few, are all excellent utilities. In many ways, all these apps are very similar, but there are differences in the interface that may sway you to one or the other and also quite large differences in features too.

Taskade is not a full featured project manager, although projects can be added and managed, but it is also more than a to-do list. It can be used by a single person to organise and track personal tasks, but it can also be used by teams of people collaborating on work projects.

A free account is available for Taskade that is limited in several ways, but it is still functional enough to be useful for users that want a more powerful and flexible to-do list utility. It is well worth trying a free account.

A $7 monthly subscription unlocks all the features and this is much cheaper than Trello and Asana, and slightly cheaper than MeisterTask.

Taskade task manager in a web browser

Taskade is cheaper than many rivals, but does that mean fewer features? Yes, but for some people the features are sufficient and what it does, it does very well. It runs everywhere and is available on the web for any computer with a browser, and as an app for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. It automatically syncs across platforms and devices, so it doesn’t matter where you use it.

Taskade tasks

Taskade enables you to create lists of tasks, like a task list for a meeting, a task list for a project, things you need to do this week, today’s tasks and so on. You can start a task list with a blank sheet or one of many ready-made templates can be selected.

Templates are basically empty lists that have been formatted and organised so you just have to fill in the blanks. A weekly task list has entries for every day of the week for example. This is a nice feature and it saves some a little time and effort and helps you to stay organised.

Create task or to-do lists in Taskade at the website in a browser

As with all good task and to-do managers, a due date can be set for a task to be completed, and checkboxes enable you to tick them off as they are done. However, Instead of checkboxes, there are also several other symbols, so you could choose a bullet style, or heading style. Tasks can have one or multiple subtasks and subtasks can be indented.

Task lists are short on details and are mainly just a title, so if you need to store extra information, comments can be attached to them. These comments can contain text, links to websites, photos and other files. There isn’t much file storage space with a free account, only 100 MB,, but it is unlimited with a paid account, so you could make use of this and collect all the files needed for a task or project.

Taskade formatting features enable task lists to be customised

Unlike simple task and to-do lists, full formatting features are supported, so you can colour items, set the style, add colourful emoji characters and more. Tasks lists can be made to look very attractive and also easy to read with colour, indentation and so on.

Select a view in Taskade task manager at the website

There are several different ways of viewing the task lists, such as a simple list, a table with due dates, a Trello-style Kanban board, action view and mindmap view.

Taskade Lists and Workspaces

Taskade provides Lists and Workspaces. If you want a simple to-do list, then one or more task lists can be created in the Lists section.

Workspaces also contain lists, but the idea is that you create a workspace for a particular project or team. In many ways, it is a bit like a named list. Workspaces could be created for a product launches, product development, projects, and more.

Taskade collaboration features

Taskade is a bit like a collaborative task/to-do list manager and other people can be invited to access a list or a workspace. With a task list in the Lists section, you can invite someone to access it and choose whether they can add and edit the task list, or whether they can just view and chat and comment on list items.

Invite people to access task lists in Taskade

People can also be invited to join workspaces and this is a handy feature for teams of people working together on projects. People can access and edit workspace task lists in real-time.

A nice feature is that you can have a full Taskade account with all the features, and your team members can have free accounts. They can join the workspaces of pro accounts if invited. This cuts down the cost and the barrier to collaboration. You could create task lists for freelancers or virtual assistants and so on, and they can join in with a free account.

To aid collaboration on task lists and workspaces, there are task comments and a chat feature where you and team members can discuss the tasks or project. There is also voice and video calling, so you can even call up team members and chat with them live over the web.

There are @mentions and #tags, and people can be assigned to tasks and more.

Final thoughts on Taskade

This is not a tool for everyone and it cannot compete with Trello for example. Taskade can show tasks in Trello Kanban-style cards if you prefer and you can drag tasks around, but Trello goes much further and provides dozens of ways to integrate popular business products and services, which Taskade does not.

Taskade is different and although it is less powerful, it is good in its own way. I like it a lot and it is much more powerful than a simple to-do list. The collaboration features enable you to share your lists with other people and allow them to chat and comment on them. It is also cheaper than rivals if you want to upgrade from a free to a paid account.

If you don’t need to integrate your tasks with multiple business products and services, Taskade is well worth considering. The interface is excellent and it works very well on the web in a browser. There are desktop apps too, if you prefer. The phone apps are a bit simpler, but are useful for when you are away from the office.