How to install a free VPN on the Mac and PC for internet privacy

Boost internet privacy and security

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You have probably heard you need a VPN for privacy and security on the internet, so why haven’t you installed one? Is it the cost? Here is a free VPN for macOS, Windows, iOS and Android.

Everyone wants to track you on the internet and see what you do, where you go and what you access. Mostly this is so advertisers and marketers can target you with advertising, but there may be others that monitor you for various reasons. This tracking is unwelcome and an invasion of privacy. A VPN helps to stop it.

Even with a VPN, you can be tracked, such as by using browser cookies, but a VPN goes a long way to preventing eavesdropping on your internet activities. A VPN combined with an incognito or private browsing window, which destroys cookies, is a good combination.

Most VPNs require payment and you can pay monthly or for one or more years. The longer the term the cheaper the price and VPN providers often have excellent deals for 1, 2 or 3 years. It is the cheapest way to get a paid VPN.

Paid VPNs offer great deals and provide so much more than a free one, such as high speed, unlimited data and hundreds or even thousands of servers in dozens of countries around the world. You get so much more than with a free account.

Our Offers and Recommendations page has great deals on VPNs for your Mac, PC and phone. Save $$$ on your subscription.

I showed how to add ProtonVPN and it was a popular article, so here is another useful free VPN for your Mac or PC, Hide.Me. A free account has limitations, such as 2 GB a month data transfer, so this rules out streaming your favourite Netflix shows, but for general web browsing it can be enabled when you want to go private.

These screenshots are on the Apple Mac, but works on Windows PC too.

1 Go to VPN

The VPN website

Go to the VPN website and ignore the Download Now button for the moment. Click the menu button or menu bar and select Pricing.

2 Register for free

Create a free account at the website

On the Pricing screen is an option to register for a free account – 2 GB of data, one connection at a time and five VPN locations around the world. Click Register and create a free account.

3 Choose an account VPN account options at the website

After registering, log into your account at the website and select Pricing on the left. Click Apply now next to the Free option. You get a one-month free account. Next month you must log in again and select another free month, then return a month later and get another, and another. (There’s always a downside to free.)

4 Download the app VPN app downloads at the website

At the homepage on the VPN Apps menu are all the apps for various operating systems. Click macOS to download the Mac app.

5 Install VPN

Install VPN on the Apple Mac

Open the .dmg file and there are two programs, click the installer to set it up on the Mac. Keep the download after installation because it has the uninstaller, or copy it to the Applications folder for safekeeping.

6 Run and sign in

Sign in to VPN app

After installation, run the app and on the opening screen is an option to start a free trial or to sign in. Use the sign in option because you already registered in step 2.

7 Connect the VPN VPN app on the Apple Mac secures the internet VPN is now ready and clicking the big button in the middle connects to the best VPN server. From now on, all your internet activities are safer, more private and more secure. Just open a web browser and visit your favourite sites.

Clicking the Change button in the bottom right corner enables you to manually select a server. There are five free ones, so enter ‘free’ into the search box to see them.

8 Check the settings VPN app settings on the Apple Mac

Although there is a limit on the data used, there are no restrictions on the features and there are some great options in the app settings. For example, Split Tunnel enables you to choose whether all apps use the VPN or only some apps. You could enable it for a browser, but let email use a standard connection for example. Stealth Guard enables you to increase privacy and security too.

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