Guide to Make an Engagement Video Online: Video maker

Are you planning on making an engagement video to rewatch and cherish your favorite moments later in time? Creating a video out of your best engagement clips is a good choice. While most people want to make an engagement video, they also find it difficult.

You don’t need to invest heavily in shooting equipment to make a great engagement video. Good engagement videos can also be created with some decent editing efforts and the right tool. You don’t need to hire a professional to make an engagement video. Continue reading to know how to make an engagement video yourself.

Why use an online video editor to make engagement videos?

Video-making is not as simple as it seems if you don’t have the right tool. A video editor gives you full control over the video-making process, and you can easily make exciting engagement videos. You can add music, transitions, text, animations, and many other elements to your video with a video editor. You can create animated GIFs or exciting graphics. You can also add visual effects to your memorable engagement clips and bring them together.

Man proposing to a woman: Illustration

Many people plan on sharing their engagement videos on social media sites with their friends. The ideal aspect ratio, video length, dimension, and video format are different across social media channels. If you don’t follow the ideal video specifications on any social media site, your videos will not appear correctly. Sometimes, a black screen appears on the top and bottom of the video when the aspect ratio is not ideal. You need a capable video editor to rectify such issues and make social media-optimized videos.

You must be already spending much on planning the perfect engagement. You don’t want extra costs to add up during your engagement. A video editor subscription is available at reasonable rates and will be light on your pocket. Moreover, you can use a free video editing platform to make an exciting engagement video. Many popular video editing platforms allow people to make engagement videos online using the free version.

Why use pre-existing templates to make engagement videos online?

Pre-made templates can make the video creation process simpler. You can easily create engagement videos within minutes. A pre-made template consists of personalized options for creating a video. You don’t have to put more editing effort into making a video with the help of a pre-made template. If you are a video editing expert, you can create engagement videos on a video editing platform from scratch.

The steps to make an engagement video from any pre-existing template are as follows:

  • Choose a video maker that offers many pre-made video templates. A popular video editor will offer thousands of pre-made templates for making engagement videos. You can search for romantic-themed templates if the video editing platform allows you to do so.
  • Choose a template with romantic elements like hearts, rings, flowers, charismatic lights, or any other elements. You can also go for a classic white-colored video template or one with romantic music/sounds.
  • Upload all the pictures and clips that you want to include in your engagement video. The editor will simply take all your engagement clips and apply editing effects automatically.
  • View the finished video and apply any finishing touches (if required). Your engagement video is now ready to be shared on digital channels! As you can see, creating an engagement video is simple with an online video maker.

Tips for making exciting engagement videos online

Highlight your love story

The main purpose of an engagement video is to highlight the bond between two people. The bride and groom may have come a long way to decide they’re getting married. Engagement is the first step towards a long journey together. If you can bring in some old dating clips to feature in your engagement video, it will help highlight your journey.

Love templates at InVideo
Use templates for best results

Even if the partners have known each other for a short time, they can include clips from their first date. You can reflect on where you met your partner to make the engagement video more exciting. You can also create collages online with pictures from your first meeting/date.

Besides showing clips, you can also mention the important dates of your relationship in your video. For example, when you show clips from your first date, mention the date in the frame. You can use a video editor to mention dates in an eye-catching text style.

Highlight the ring exchange moment

Your engagement video should emphasize the exact moment where the bride and groom exchange rings. You can also build up hype in your engagement video until it reaches the most important moment. Include the moment where the groom asks the bride to be his wife along with the bride’s answer. Don’t forget to include the final kiss/hug in the engagement video.

Include the reaction of your friends and family members during the ring exchange process. Make sure you have clear footage of the ring exchange process, as it’s a wonderful moment that both partners will cherish for their lives.

Zone in on the facial expressions

An engagement ceremony is a significant event in one’s life and also an emotional one. You need to include facial closeups of the bride and groom to see their reaction. There will surely be some giggles and laughing clips that you can include in your engagement video.

InVideo engagement video editing
Focus on faces

Besides showing the facial expressions of the bride and groom, you can also focus on your event guests. There must be a few teary eyes at your engagement ceremony that can be included in your engagement video. Your parents might be shedding tears of happiness when they see their child starting a new chapter in their life. Record their expressions and include them in your engagement video to cherish these moments forever.

Add some slow-motion shots

We all know how slow motion can turn the tables in a video. You can show the moment when the bride walks to the groom in slow motion. Several other facial expressions, hugs, and greetings can be added in slow motion to make the video more exciting. A video maker can easily help you add slow-motion effects to your engagement video.

Don’t forget to use romantic music

An engagement video is incomplete without the perfect background music. You can add a trending romantic song to set the mood right for your engagement video.

Adding romantic music to a video using InVideo editor
Add romantic music

If you plan on sharing your engagement video on social media, use a video editor that will offer license-free romantic tracks to include in your engagement video. Make your engagement video online and cherish the moments forever!


One can easily follow this quick guide to make memorable engagement videos by leveraging powerful video editing tools.

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