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Is your blog or website a ghost town? Are there no visitors and no-one talking about your posts? How do you get free traffic to your website or blog? This method is simple and costs nothing.

Building websites and blogging using WordPress is easy. No, really. Almost anyone can create a site and it does not require genius-level IQ, deep technical knowledge or a degree in web development. In fact, getting a basic site up and running is the easy part and the difficulties set in when you try to get people to visit it. How do you get people to come to your site and spend time looking around?

No-one wants to talk to themselves, but when you only have a handful of visitors each day, that is what happens. You spend hours creating great articles, but hear nothing but crickets. What can you do to build the traffic to your site?

In this article I look at a very simple method that can get you tons of website or blog visitors. This will not happen overnight and you can’t post something today and have it go viral with a million views tomorrow. That almost never happens, not unless you spend a lot of time and money on marketing.

The technique used here builds traffic steadily over time and it lasts a long time. Sometimes years. It is great to see evergreen articles written months or years ago still pulling in readers. Let’s see how this traffic building technique works with an easy-to-follow guide

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