Get started with Google AdSense

AdSense is the biggest advertising publisher on the internet and it is one of the easiest ways to monetise your website or blog. Learn how to place money-earning ads on your site.

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Let’s be honest, no-one loves adverts, but the web would be a very different place without them. They provide the income many websites need to survive and a lot of sites would not exist if it were not for adverts bringing in an income.

Get started with Google AdSense with this free course

Advertising can be very irritating when it is overdone, and plenty of websites plaster them everywhere and seriously annoy visitors. However, a few ads placed out of the way, such as a banner at the top or a small ad in the sidebar will not put off visitors if you also have great content, and it helps you to pay the bills.

Used with consideration for the visitor, ads can benefit your site and there is no easier way of than AdSense. Here’s how to get started with Google AdSense, from your application to inserting the code into pages.

Contents in detail

1 16 things to do to get accepted by AdSense

  • Introduction to Google AdSense
  • 16 things you must do before applying

2 Get to know the AdSense home view

  • The Home view explored
  • CPC, RPM and more explained
  • Configure the earnings report
  • View your payments
  • More ad statistics

3 How to create ads using AdSense

  • How does Adsense work?
  • AdSense ad units
  • Choose the ad type
  • How to configure ad units
  • How to get the code for ad units
  • How to create matched content ad units

4 How to choose ads, block unwanted ads

  • Make sense of AdSense categories
  • Select the website to configure
  • View AdSense sensitive categories
  • Customise ad categories and subcategories

5 Use advertising features in WordPress themes

  • Customise the theme
  • Advertising support in the theme
  • Insert the ad code
  • Disadvantages of theme-based ads

6 How to show ads using widgets

  • WordPress sidebar widgets
  • Theme based widgets
  • Widgets from plugins
  • Step by step add an advertising widget

7 Display ads with WordPress ad plugins

  • Ad Rotate
  • Ads Pro
  • WP Pro Advertising System
  • Ad Inserter
  • AdSense Plugin WP QUADS
  • WP-Insert

8 WP QUADS example advert

  • How to install the WP QUADS plugin
  • How to create an ad with WP QUADS
  • How to determine where ads are displayed

9 Ad Inserter example advert

  • Get the code for an ad from AdSense
  • Insert the code into Ad Inserter
  • Set Ad Inserter options for displaying the ad

10 The easy way to show ads on your site – Auto ads

  • How do Auto ads work?
  • What if you already have AdSense ads?
  • How to enable Auto ads
  • How to get the code and insert it


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