Get more visitors from Google with on-page SEO – Contents

This is a comprehensive online course showing how to optimise web pages for search engines to improve your position in search results at Google, Bing, Yahoo and others.

You don’t have to pay, but if you like the course, $5/£5 will encourage me to create more. Thanks!

What you will learn: The techniques you need to use when creating posts on your website to ensure that search engines understand the content.

By providing search engines with exactly what they need, you will improve the position of your pages in search results. The higher they rank, the more visitors your site will get.

The ultimate aim is page one of search results. This course is the first step on that path.

What you won’t learn: This course examines on page SEO, the things you can do to web pages to optimise them. It does not look at off page SEO like building backlinks. Off page SEO is the subject of a follow up course and is under construction.

Course Contents

1 How to improve SEO by optimising images

  • The image problem many people face
  • Optimise your images
  • Resize old images with plugins
  • Add image descriptions
  • Choose file names carefully

2 How to write great titles that enhance SEO

  • Article titles vs page titles
  • How to grab people’s attention
  • Optimum title length
  • Title examples
  • Get help with titles

3 How to format the text for better SEO

  • How to use headings
  • The importance of headings
  • The length of headings
  • Optimum sentence length
  • Bullet and numbered lists

4 How good content boosts SEO

  • How long should articles be?
  • Writing aids to improve your content
  • Use Grammarly to improve your writing
  • Use Hemingway Editor to check for errors

5 How to create SEO friendly URLs

  • How WordPress uses URLs
  • Best permalink settings
  • Edit URLs to make them friendlier
  • When not to edit URLs

6 How other factors affect the SEO

  • The value of categories and tags
  • Use descriptive links
  • The value of external links
  • The impact of bad links
  • The value of internal links
  • Navigation and discovery

7 How to boost SEO with meta information

  • Add meta descriptions
  • Add meta keywords
  • When to use noindex and nofollow
  • Use meta tags for the home page
  • Add author information
  • How to generate Open Graph meta tags

8 Best free SEO extensions for Chrome

  • What are SEO extensions for?
  • Top SEO extensions


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