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Boost website visitors in 7 days!

Build a better website email course

This seven part email course is a ‘lite’ version of the full course available to members. It contains all the best bits and shows the tricks and tips that will increase the traffic to your website or blog. Make your site a success!


Some of the free articles on RAW Guides

How to insert code into the header of pages on a WordPress website.

How to insert code into the header of a WordPress post or page

Sometimes you need to insert code into the header of pages on your website, such as Google Analytics code, Pinterest site verification code and so on. The easy way is with a plugin. Here’s how.

How to create internal links to other parts of the web page in WordPress posts. Use it to create a table of contents links.

Advanced linking tricks for WordPress websites to aid navigation

Links to other pages on your website or to external sites are easy enough to create, but sometimes you want to jump to the same part of the same page. This tutorial shows how to do it with and without […]

Add a contact form to your WordPress blog or website to let visitors send you messages using Jetpack plugin

Create a contact form to enable feedback from website visitors

A Contact form on your blog or website enables visitors to easily contact you without you giving up your email address. It is also convenient for visitors too. But you must protect from spam.

Get your website noticed by building backlinks from other websites, such as by guest posting.

Build traffic with guest posts and backlinks to your website

How to build traffic and increase visitors to your website is one of the most common questions that people ask. There are many answers, but building backlinks is one of the most important.

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Learn the skills you need to make your blog, website or business a success with Google Primer.

Learn the skills you need to grow your site and get more traffic

How do you create a great website? How do you make the most of email marketing? What’s the best way to use social media? How do you build your brand? Google Primer has the answers.

Create hidden content in WordPress to keep a secret and only reveal it when the reader clicks it.

How to hide content and spoilers in WordPress posts

Sometimes you may want to hide content in an article on your website and not show it until the reader clicks a link. Hiding spoilers is one example. Here’s how to do it with Shortcodes Ultimate plugin.

Optimise WordPress by deleting post revisions and other junk that bloats the WordPress databases

Optimise your WordPress site by deleting revisions and junk

Speed is an important factor for both visitors and search engines, and the faster your site, the better it is. Optimise WordPress by removing post revisions and junk files to improve performance.

Replace the keyboard in your phone with Grammarly Keyboard and auto-correct errors.

Grammarly Keyboard For Your Phone Makes You A Better Writer

Do you write articles and blog posts for your website or ebook on your phone? Do you email contacts and customers for your business? Grammarly Keyboard eliminates typing slips and makes you a better writer.

Markdown can save you time and effort when creating blog posts in WordPress.

How to simplify writing WordPress posts by using Markdown

Have you heard of Markdown? It has been around for many years and some people love it because it makes writing much simpler. It can be used for many things, including blog posts in WordPress.

Write faster and more efficiently and create blog posts in one hour

How to write a blog post in one hour – 10 tips for speed writing

Having a blog or website can take over your life as it requires a never ending stream of new posts to feed an audience hungry for information. Write smarter and faster, and get more done in less time.