Free iPhone to PC transfer software. Seamlessly transfer iPhone data to PC

Traditionally, we use iTunes to transfer files from an iPhone to a PC, such as pictures, documents, and more. Of course, it works, but simultaneously it is complicated. In some cases, iTunes even fails to sync data between the iPhone and PC.

So, is there alternative iPhone to PC transfer software? Can it help us transfer data from the iPhone to the PC with ease? If you are eager to know the answers, read on. We will solve these problems and make the file transfer easier.

Why do you need iPhone to PC transfer software?

As we said initially, sometimes it is not easy to transfer iPhone files to a PC via iTunes. This is the biggest reason that we need a more efficient iPhone to PC transfer tool. Also, it is helpful in the following situations.

Swiftly back up important iPhone data. An excellent program can help you back up videos, SMS, contacts, notes, audio, photos, and so on, from your iPhone to your PC. It can help you avoid losing data.

Manage your iOS files on the PC. As you know, you can only access and view camera photos after connecting an iPhone to a PC via a USB cable. Thus, if you want to preview and manage other iOS files on your Windows computer, you will need a transfer and management program.

Free up storage space on an iPhone. Is your iPhone full of data and stuck from time to time? As long as you transfer the files to your PC, you can delete them from the iPhone to release the internal storage space. Besides, whenever you need them, you can restore them to your iOS device without hassle.

Software to transfer files from iPhone to PC

Want a great app to transfer files from your iPhone to your PC for free? MobiKin Assistant for iOS (Free) will meet your needs. It can scan iPhone data and display it on the interface, so you can easily select and transfer the files you want from the iPhone to the PC.

Powerfully, it supports contacts, messages, notes, calendars, bookmarks, music, videos, photos, and the like. No matter what you want to transfer, you can make it without data loss.

With this iOS to PC transfer software, you can:

  • Selectively transfer files from an iOS device to a PC and vice versa.
  • Freely preview and select files on the interface before performing the transfer.
  • Breezily manage iOS contacts on the PC with adding, editing, deleting, grouping, and more.
  • Create playlists to sort songs according to your wishes.
  • Directly uninstall multiple apps at once from your iPhone on the PC.
  • Back up your iPhone data to default iTunes location, and restore the backup files to any iOS device.

Additionally, this program works for most iOS devices, including iPhone 12 Pro Max/12 Pro/12/11 Pro/11/XS/X/XR/8/7/6, iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPod Touch 7/6/5, and so on.

How to get iPhone to PC file transfer software

So, how can you get the excellent iPhone to PC file transfer program for free? That’s easy. Just visit MobiKin Assistant for iOS official website, then you can directly download and install the software on your PC.

To get its full features, you need to register it with a license code. So, how to get a free license? This is the simple guide as follows:

1 Click Get License and share it with your friends via Facebook or Twitter.

MobiKin Assistant for iOS

2 Enter your name, email address, and the identification code on the popup. Next, tap Get License to get a license code. Please save the code to your notepad to avoid losing it.

MobiKin Assistant for iOS license code

3 Run the program, and click the key icon on the top right. Then hit Register to type the same email address and the license code. Finally, click OK. Now, all is done.

MobiKin Assistant for iOS

How to Transfer Files from iPhone to PC with MobiKin Assistant for iOS

After the registration, you can begin to transfer files from your iPhone to your PC without a hitch. The steps are simple:

1 Launch the software, and connect your iPhone to the PC via a data cable.

2 Click Trust on your mobile device. After connection, you will see the Summary interface.

MobiKin Assistant for iOS

3 Choose a category on the left panel, and pick the files you want. Next, tap Export to transfer your selected files to your PC.

MobiKin Assistant for iOS

Other iPhone to PC transfer methods

In addition to this transfer program, are there any other methods to seamlessly transfer files from iPhone to PC? Certainly, the following utilities can also help you transfer data.

iCloud Drive: You can download iCloud Drive on your Windows PC. After backing up your iPhone data to iCloud, you can log in with the same Apple ID to view and download the data on your PC via iCloud Drive.

Google Drive: Using Google Drive can also synchronize data between the iOS device and the PC. You can install Google Drive on your iPhone, and upload the files to it. Then open the website of Google Drive on your PC, you can save the files effortlessly. By the way, other cloud drives are also helpful, like Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.

Mail apps: If you just want to send a few small files from your iPhone to the PC, you can use a mail app. Please type your email address, add the files you would like to transfer, and send it to yourself. Then you can receive the email and download the files on your computer.

Final words

Want to fast transfer your iPhone files to your PC? Then, please don’t miss this iPhone to PC transfer software. With it, you can transmit data easier than before, and manage your iOS files on the PC at any time. Try it now.

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