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    So I got a new iPhone last year and I got a year’s free subscription to Apple TV+ with it. Now that free subscription is about to expire and it is decision time – should I keep it and start paying or cancel it?

    To be honest, it still isn’t good enough. I don’t mean the quality. The films and series are really good, but there just aren’t enough of them. The problem with streaming TV services is that you probably won’t like half the shows – maybe you like sci-fi for example, or action movies, or romcoms. With Netflix, Prime Video and others, there are so many shows that you can always find something you like. When there are only a few shows, as with Apple TV+, if you don’t like some of them, that just makes a bad situation even worse.

    Some of the shows on TV+ are very well made and are good quality, they just aren’t topics I like. That leaves even less to watch and what I like, I have already watched.

    The current situation in 2020 has delayed production of new shows, which has made things worse. It’s just bad timing for Apple. It should have been a year in which it boosted production and created lots of new content, but things out of its control ruined that.

    I have heard that Apple is extending the free trial for people with free Apple TV+ subscriptions. Mine has not and there are only 2 weeks left before it expires.

    Unless I get an extension, it’s goodbye to TV+, at least for now. I will give it a year to make some more content, then return and see what’s new. I wonder how many other people will be cancelling? How many people have forgotten about their subscription and will be surprised by the bill?

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    Roland Waddilove

    I have received the extension – an extra three months free subscription. The problem I have with Apple TV+ is that I can consume more than Apple can create. What they have is good, but they are producing it too slowly. They release a film or series and a week later I have watched it and then there is nothing new to see.

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