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    What do you think of Samsung’s folding phone? Is it a good idea or just plain stupid? It looks like a mini tablet when unfolded, but when folded up it looks ugly and chunky – twice as thick as a normal phone and with quite a small screen. And the price! Wow! This is really expensive, like $2000 or somewhere thereabouts. Here’s the YouTube launch video.

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    It is interesting, but it is not really good enough to justify the high price. It cannot be thinner than a phone, which are designed to be as thin as possible, and so when it is folded it has to be at least twice as thick as a phone. That is a disadvantage that will dog folding phones for some time to come. Maybe forever. Do you really need that big screen? I don’t.

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    I think the Huawei Mate X is a far better looking phone. The Samsung looks clunky when folded, but this looks more like a traditional phone, although it’s thicker than usual.

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