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    If you are disappointed with the number of visitors your website or blog is getting, take some comfort from the fact that the figures may be under-reported.

    Google Analytics is the most common method of counting visitors and seeing which parts of your website are the most popular, but it is wrong. It could be very wrong.

    The reason is that there are browser plugins that block trackers on websites and Google Analytics is considered to be a tracker by some. People could be visiting your website with a tracker enabled in their browser and it could be blocking Google Analytics, or whatever you use to analyze visitors’ interactions with your site.

    Every year, Apple updates macOS and iOS, and this year the Safari browser, which is the default on the Mac, iPhone and iPad, will block Google Analytics by default. A large percentage of Apple users upgrade each year, so a lot of people will have GA blocking enabled by default and you won’t see them in GA reports.

    This means that your visitor numbers will appear to drop, possibly by quite a lot when macOS and iOS is updated, maybe around September. You are not losing visitors of course, only the ability to count them and know what they like and dislike on your site. GA is going to be a lot less useful and your traffic statistics will be wrong.

    Don’t panic! Your site hasn’t lost visitors. You just can’t see them.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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