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    Roland Waddilove

    I was looking at what is coming up in the next version of WordPress – that’s 5.9 and it is due in December. The focus seems mainly on improving design and layout features, like adding more and more features from page designers like Divi, Elementor and others.

    Some WordPress users and  have already migrated from page builders and now just use Gutenberg and blocks to design pages and posts. This trend is set to continue and it looks like fewer and fewer people will use Divi, Elementor and others in the future. WordPress built in features already does most of what people want and is set to do even more in future releases. That is one less plugin to install and worry about.

    This is a welcome change and the developments are exciting, but other features are missing and appear not to be a priority, perhaps because they are dull and not so flashy.

    For example, why can’t you enter basic meta information and Open Graph tags, like the page title, description, featured image, URL and post type? Is there anyone that would create a website without this basic information on each page and post?

    All it needs is about five or six boxes at the bottom of the post editor to add the meta / Open Graph tags. Plugins like Yoast, Rank Math and All In One SEO, to mention just three, are required to add what these days is considered to be essential information to posts. Why not add basic SEO to WordPress so we can get rid of these plugins?

    SEO plugins will still be needed for those wanting more than the basic meta tags and I am not suggesting adding anything more than what the free versions of those plugins offer. In fact, WordPress does not even need to offer as much as those free plugins, which actually do quite a lot and just the basics will do. Adding basic SEO to WordPress would not impact sales of the paid version of those plugins much, if at all, because they have free versions anyway.

    Why has basic SEO not been added to WordPress after all these years? After all, it is probably one of the first plugins you add after creating a new WordPress installation. It is an important subject, but perhaps not as visually attractive as the page design features.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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