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    I opened Brackets today to write a bit of code and saw a notice that Adobe is discontinuing it. It says “On September 1st 2021 Adobe will end support for Brackets.” It suggests switching to Visual Code Studio.

    I am not a full time programmer, which is what I think Visual Code Studio is for. I only use Brackets for occasional bits of code, not even full programs, often just a bit of html or CSS, or very occasionally, a bit of JavaScript. It is usually for html or text widgets in my website.

    The biggest thing I have ever written is probably only 20 lines of code, so I don’t think VSC is needed. Anyone have any suggestions for something simple for writing bits of code occasionally?

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    Roland Waddilove

    Although Adobe is ending support for Brackets, that just means it will not be developing any new features or fixing any bugs. It is what it is and it will stay like this forever.

    Brackets will not stop working and there is nothing preventing you from continuing to use it if you are happy with it as it is now. Development of other code and text editors will continue and maybe a year or two from now, they will have great new features that put it ahead of Brackets and you might want to switch then.

    If you prefer to have software that is actively being developed, there are several good alternatives worth considering. Adobe’s suggestion of Visual Code Editor is a good choice, but you should also look at these 4 great editors for macOS for editing plain text and for coding.

    On the PC there is Notepad++, which is small, lightweight, simple and easy to use. Atom is a more substantial application like VSC and also worth considering is Geany, PSPad and Bluefish Editor.


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    I am a Mac user and use BBEdit, which is a great text editor. I am not a programmer, so I don’t have experience of coding in it, but I can see a lot of features in the preferences for code, like highlighting the commands and parameters. I use the free version of this app, which has all the features I need. Bare Bones Software | BBEdit 13


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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