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    Which app do you use to store notes? This article landed in my inbox this morning and got me thinking: The 6 best note taking apps of 2022 | Zapier

    I have OneNote because I have a Microsoft account, but I have rarely used it. For me, it just has too many features. It is too big and bloated for an app that simply stores notes. My Mac says it is 1.06 GB, but oddly says it is only 592.8 MB on disk. I am not sure which figure is right, but it is big. There are times when I have used it, but mostly have ignored it.

    One of the notes app recommended in that article is Notion. I signed up for a free account and found it to have even more features than OneNote. I would call it more of a work organizer and collaboration tool than a notes app. You can store notes, but there are so many other features, I would probably only use 10% of its capabilities.

    There are many notes apps and so many the article doesn’t cover. My favorite at the moment is Simplenote. It has almost no features. You might wonder why anyone would use it, but simplicity is the answer. It stores text notes and you can add tags to organize them. That is almost the whole feature list, unless you count Markup support.

    Simplenote works everywhere – PC, Mac, Android, iOS, web. It syncs across them and is a really lightweight app. It is free too. I have switched notes apps too many times to remember and maybe I’ll grow tired of this one, but for now, it does just what I want.

    Sometimes you just want something simple to remember some text you saw on the web, a URL or an idea that sprang into your mind. Simplenote does that and doesn’t get you bogged down with complexity you don’t need.


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