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    There was a time when Internet Explorer ruled the web and it had something like a 90% browser market share. That is now dead, but as it was fading, Firefox was rising and at once point it looked like it was about to take over. It had around a 35% share of the browser market.

    Since then, it has lost users every year. It has faded almost as fast as Internet Explorer did. According to Statcounter browser market share, it is down to 3%. The strange thing is that I often hear of features being added, like security, privacy and other interesting features, but no matter what it does, usage still shrinks.

    It reminds me a bit of Opera. No matter what features and functions they put in it, hardly anyone ever used it.

    According to It’s FOSS, Firefox lost nearly 50 million users in the last three years. As of 16th August 2021, Firefox had 196 million users, which is still a lot of people, but the trend is down. On Jan 28 2019 it had 244 to 253 million – it’s not a flat line and there are ups and downs. However, the overall direction is down and it is now below 200 million.

    Whichever statistic you look at, it is not good for Firefox. I wonder why? If you used to use Firefox, but now don’t, what made you switch? I would be interested to know.

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