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    It’s in the tech news about the early WD Mybook/duo being attacked by a Factory reset command through the internet connection, although mine hasn’t been affected WD are recommending disconnecting the device from the internet. I only use mine as a media server on my local network and the internet connection setting is not enabled in settings. I have also removed the Gateway setting on the WD drive. I have asked WD is this enough to make it safe, but can’t get a straight answer from them other than to take it off the internet.

    Has anyone any views on this.


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    Roland Waddilove

    Some WD My Book models have one or more security flaws that enables hackers to remotely access them over the internet. The main issue that people have reported is that the factory reset function has been triggered, which clears all data from the drive. Any files that were on it are lost.

    Analysis of the logs of affected drives show that the attackers used IP addresses from a variety of different countries. In some cases, Trojan malware was left on the device.

    The WP My Book models affected:

    • My Book Live: WDBACG0030HCH
    • My Book Live: WDBACG0020HCH
    • My Book Live: WDBACG0010HCH
    • My Book Live Duo: WDBVHT0080JCH
    • My Book Live Duo: WDBVHT0060JCH
    • My Book Live Duo: WDBVHT0040JCH

    You should not be connected to the internet when using these drives because they are at risk. Not everyone has been hacked of course, but it is certainly a possibility if you have an affected model.

    I cannot say for certain whether your My Book Duo is at risk, but I think it is best to assume it is. Multiple flaws have been found and who knows, maybe more will come to light.

    For those people that have been affected by this hack, Western Digital is offering a data recovery service. See My Book Live and My Book Live Duo: Data Recovery Service Offer.

    In addition to this, anyone with a model that is at risk, whether they have been affected or not, can trade in their old My Book for a new My Cloud Home or My Cloud EX2 Ultra device and get 40% discount or the retail price. See My Book Live and My Book Live Duo: Trade-In Offer. That’s not far off half price, so it is worth considering.

    The main problem that people have had is that files have been lost. Valuable files for which they had no backup. It is worth bearing in mind that any files that are stored only in one place are at risk.

    Hard drives can run for years without problems, but they do not last forever. Maybe your My Book Duo won’t be hacked and it has not happened to everyone, but eventually the drive will fail, maybe just through old age and wear and tear. Are you prepared for that day?

    It is best to create a copy of valuable files elsewhere, such as a USB drive or online storage. Do not use a single drive as storage for irreplaceable files like photos, videos and so on.


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