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    Here is a list of AdSense optimised themes. I’m not sure I agree with them all, but some are good and I use one myself on RAWinfopages

    What is an AdSense optimised theme? It’s a theme that has spaces for ads in the design and layout of pages. For example, there could be space for a banner ad at the top of posts, the bottom, or in the middle.

    You can see some of these in use here on this site and there is a banner at the top of the page (some ads are hidden for logged in members though).

    You don’t have to use the ad spaces, but if you plan to monetize your site at some point, think where ads will go.


    It is also possible to show ads even if the theme does not provide any space for them. Some ad networks provide a script that you put in the header, footer or someplace else. It is sometimes just a couple of lines of code, but when a page is displayed, it fetches ads and automatically inserts them. For example, it can find the end of an article and automatically insert an ad there.

    You don’t have to use an AdSense optimized theme, it just makes some things simpler.


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