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    Samsung has come up with a website that is a bit of a laugh and it makes your iPhone look and work like a Samsung phone. The idea is to show iPhone users what they are missing out on and to give them a taste of what Android on a Samsung phone is like.

    You can do this in two ways. I went to the Samsung iTest website on my computer and it displays a QR code. Point the iPhone’s camera at it and there is an option at the top of the screen to open a website.

    You can skip that step and go straight to https://itest.nz in Safari on the iPhone if you want. It tells you to press the Actions/Share button at the bottom of the screen. Pull up the menu that appears and select the option to add the website as a shortcut on the home screen.

    Samsung iTest website running on an iPhone

    This home screen icon makes the website open full-screen like an app. It looks like the home screen of an Android phone and there is a weather widget, Google search box, a few icons and controls.

    The icons work, sort of, and you can go to Settings and see what is there, check for messages, open the Camera, Gallery, Phone, Settings and so on. You can open the Galaxy Store and browse the software for Samsung phones. The Gallery can be opened to browse photographs and so on.

    Samsung iTest website running on an iPhone

    It is all fake content and this is really just a website showing web pages, but they are cleverly designed to look like you are using an Android phone. The content is very limited and you quickly discover that it cannot do very much.

    It is an interesting idea, but will it convince iPhone users to switch? I don’t think it will. It is fun to try and Samsung probably got some good publicity out of it, but I am not convince it will make users into switchers.


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