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    Train Station 2 is a great game for your phone that is fun to play and will keep you entertained for hours. I have been playing this game on my Android phone for the last week.

    Train Station 2 game for Android phone

    The game combines the transport tycoon genre with elements of city building and at the start there is a coal mine, an iron ore mine, three trains and a few towns and construction sites.

    You must dispatch the train to the mines and fetch the coal and iron ore back to your warehouse at the station. You can then send trains the towns and construction sites that need them. Each trip takes only a minute and so there are always trains to be dispatched to fetch or deliver coal and ore.

    The station is a growing town and there are manufacturing facilities where you can turn iron ore and coal into steel. As the game progresses, towns and construction sites need steel, so you must fetch coal and ore, produce steel, then deliver it where it is needed.

    The more you play, the more materials become available, like wood, copper, concrete and more. Towns, shipping ports, construction sites must be visited to fetch raw materials, factories must be built and then raw materials turned into various goods, which you then must deliver.

    It is great fun growing your station, town and factories, fetching raw materials, manufacturing goods and delivering them. At least for a week.

    At first, train journeys only take a minute and there is lots to do. After playing for about a week, I got to the point where all journeys took an hour. The trains would be dispatched to fetch and deliver goods, then there would be nothing to do for an hour.

    Journeys can be instantly completed with gems, but you get few for free and you would have to start spending money to continue playing.

    I really enjoyed this game and recommend it. It runs well on a budget phone and does not use much battery or overheat the phone like some games. You can play for free, with ads, for quite some time, however, you will eventually need to pay to play after a certain point.


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