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    It is easy to find fake reviews of products for sale on Amazon as this article from Which? shows:

    I did a few searches myself and found most reviews on most products to be real, but it wasn’t hard to find products with obviously fake reviews. Some products only had fake reviews and didn’t appear to have any real ones.

    How can you tell fake reviews? The most obvious are products with all 5-star reviews – dozens or even hundreds of 5-star with no 4, 3, 2 or 1 star reviews. A perfect score for every review? It’s not possible.

    To see real reviews and scores you have to scroll down an Amazon product page and click on ‘XYZ customer reviews’. A little way down the next page are sort/filter options. Click ‘All reviewers’ and select ‘Verified purchase only’ – people that have actually bought the product.

    Compare the number of ‘All reviewers’ to ‘Verified purchase only’. All products seem to have some non-verified reviews, but a few have only non-verified reviews. In other words, Amazon cannot verify that the person bought the product.

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    I am always suspicious when there are small numbers of reviews, like 5 or 10. You often see new items with a handful of 5 star reviews and it would be so easy to get a few friends to post glowing reviews. It is harder to fake 1000+ reviews.

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