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    I have just been reading yet another complaint about Apple’s store policies, specifically the one about taking a 30% cut on everything, see Apple blocks Facebook update that called out 30-percent App Store ‘tax’ in which Facebook calls out Apple on this tax. Several other companies and developers have done similar things.

    I am not against Apple charging people for access to its store, just the high rate and the lack of transparency. It needs to lower its fees, relax its policies and be more transparent.

    The problem is that many people do not realise that Apple takes 30% of everything. I have been using an app on my iPhone for some time and it is excellent. I thought I would make a small in-app purchase, not because I needed it, but as a thank-you to the developer and to encourage them to make more apps. I am sure they have bills to pay, development costs and so on.

    It was only after reading this article that I realised that 30% of my ‘donation’ is taken by Apple, a $2 trillion dollar company with $245 billion in its bank account instead of the little guy, the developer of the app.

    Is this fair? I did help the little guy, the developer a bit, but I also swelled the bank account of one of, perhaps the richest company on the planet. It’s time for a change Apple.


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