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    I was catching up on one of my favourite TV programmes, Dragon’s Den (I think it may be called Shark Tank in the US), and a guy was looking for investment in some tech that enables you to take control of the data being collected by companies and use it yourself for your own benefit.

    The idea is that all the tracking data you unwittingly reveal and is being collected by online companies and sold or used for advertising purposes, belongs to you and if you want, you can make money from it.

    He got the investment he wanted, so I immediately went online and searched for it, it’s called Gener8 (https://gener8ads.com). It is interesting, but I’m not sure I would have invested in it. Here are my thoughts…

    It is actually just a Chrome-based  browser. It does three things:

    1. It is privacy focused and blocks trackers. That is not unique and there are other Chrome-based browsers that do this.
    2. It blocks adverts. Again, ad-blockers are common.
    3. Let yourself be tracked, hand over your data, and you earn points, which can be used to get vouchers and money-off deals.

    Points 1 and 2 are not unique, but 3 may be of interest if you like the coupons and money-off deals on offer. To cash in on your Gener8 earnings you often, but not always, need to spend money, in other words, buy the deals – book a holiday, subscribe to some monthly service, buy a product.

    If you like the deals on offer, check the Marketplace section of the website, you might want to switch from your current browser to Gener8. I have flip-flopped between browsers and don’t want to change again, so I didn’t keep it on my computer. However, it’s worth a look. I’m not sure how many deals apply to other parts of the world, so it’s probably best for UK users at the moment.

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