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    A new feature in iOS 14 for iPhones is tapping the back of the phone to perform some action. For example, you can double or triple tap the back of the iPhone to take a screenshot, open Notification Center, show the app switcher and maybe more (iOS 14 is still in beta).

    It looks like a very useful feature, but did Apple come up with the idea or was is swiped from Android? It turns out that this exact same feature was in an early Android 11 beta, but there are also reports that it has been taken out.

    I don’t know who was first with the idea or whether it will make it to the final public release of Android 11. We will have to wait and see. It is definitely going ahead in iOS 14 though,

    One reason why it was pulled could be that it is easy to accidentally tap the back of your phone or do something that feels like a tap to the internal sensors. It might trigger an action you don’t want.

    If it is no longer in Android 11, a developer has come up with an app that adds the feature. Check out this article for more details on Tap, Tap.


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