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    I saw your smart sunglasses article and found it interesting. However, I’m not convinced that they would be better than a good pair of sunglasses and wireless earphones. I have an Android phone, so haven’t tried Apple AirPods, but everyone says how good the audio quality is. One thing about in-ear earphones is that they cut out the outside noise. Sunglasses with speakers would not. Would they be useful in noisy situations, like trains, buses and so on?

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    A good pair of  sunglasses plus AirPods are better than the MusicMan Sound Glasses, but Apple AirPods alone cost more than three times the price of the MusicMan Sound Glasses. Yes, you can get more features and better sound if you have the money.

    There is nothing in your ear when wearing the MusicMan Sound Glasses, so there is nothing to prevent you from hearing outside sounds. However, you would not wear sunglasses on a train or bus, subway, airplane and other noisy places. They are intended for use outdoors, particularly for walking, running, mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing and similar activities where there would not be a lot of noise anyway.

    There are some situations where smart sunglasses are preferable to earphones and ordinary sunglasses, but other situations where they are not.


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