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    Roland Waddilove

    My iPad Air is 2013 technology and things have come a long way since then. However, it still works, just. It won’t run the latest iPadOS and is stuck on iOS 12, but it runs everything I need, which isn’t much actually.

    The problem is that after all these years, the home button is wearing out and needs a good firm shove to make it click. I think it will fail completely one day, but hopefully not too soon. It is also a bit slow and the battery doesn’t last as long as it used to.

    It has been good, but tech doesn’t last forever and the question is what to do, ditch the iPad altogether or buy a new one?

    I am learning towards ditching the iPad. The problem is that I don’t use it for much beyond watching streaming TV. I can watch my own programmes (with noise cancelling headphones on) while my other half watches the main TV.

    I have tried working on the iPad, but always found it frustrating. It just isn’t as good as a computer.  It is too big to fit your pocket like a phone.

    I know some people love their iPad, but a laptop and phone is best for me and an iPad isn’t as good as either.

    Do you use an iPad? How does it fit in with work and leisure activities?

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    I use my iPad all the time and would not want to be without one. It has replaced my computer almost completely and I use it for browsing the web, email, watching streaming TV, music, photo editing and even writing the occasional letter.

    I think an iPad lasts longer than a computer and does not suffer from many computer problems. A five year old iPad still runs quite well, but as we know, PCs slow down over time. iPads do not get malware, but PCs do.

    I have moved on from computers and don’t use them much these days, apart from being forced to use a Windows PC at work.

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