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    There have been stories around the web that the Face ID unlock on the new Samsung Galaxy S10 is not very secure. Apparently photographs or even a relative who looks like you can unlock it. https://www.slashgear.com/galaxy-s10-face-unlock-isnt-only-pointless-its-also-a-liability-10569340/

    Unlocking phones with a face is a convenience and even if it can be unlocked with a photo, where would a thief or finder of your lost phone get a photo of you? Your family or friends may have photos, but how will someone who finds your lost phone know what you look like? A thief is hardly going to take your phone and then take a photo of you so they can unlock it.

    It isn’t as secure as a PIN, password or fingerprint, but Face ID is still fairly secure and it wouldn’t worry me too much.

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