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    RTS Siege Up game for Android phones

    I have been playing RTS Siege Up! on my Android phone for the last week and it is great fun. It reminds me of Age of Empires from 20 years ago and basically you build a medieval army and go and battle other armies.

    You start with very little, just one building, like a town center, and you can produce workers. These can be told to chop down trees and fetch the wood. You can build farms and workers will gather food from them.

    There are also mines that produces gold and other metals, but these are automatic and don’t require workers. There is also a market where you can buy resources and this is sometimes needed if the land is not good enough to grow crops or if there are few trees.

    With all the wood, food and metals gathered, you can construct buildings that produce archers and swordsmen of different types, and build up an army. Defensive towers can be built that fire large arrows, catapults can be built in a special building and so on.

    Sometimes you are near the coast and can build a dock that produces fishing ships to get food and fighting ships to protect them or attack enemies.

    The game consists of a series of short missions with a simple objective – destroy the enemy. It is an arms race and you must build your army faster than the enemy. If you are too slow, they begin to attack and wear you down.

    Units can be selected and sent to positions on the map where they will automatically attack any enemy they see or defend agains them. They can be sent to attack specific targets like enemy soldiers, buildings or weapons.

    Your opponents are not real people and this is an offline game. You play agains the game’s AI.

    Missions, so far, can be completed in around 15 or 20 minutes and there are three levels of difficulty. I find the easy level challenging enough, but then I am no gaming expert.

    The game is free and has almost no adverts. The only time you see one is if you fail a mission and are defeated. You must watch an ad before restarting the level. I played it on a budget phone that isn’t that powerful and it ran without problems.

    If you like this Age of Empires type of game, it is recommended.


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