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      There are many ways to blog and here is an unusual one. Standard Notes is a free open source notes app. It is available on iPhone, Android phone, Windows PC and Apple Mac. All your notes are encrypted and are therefore secure and private. Unless you want to make a note public and here is where it gets interesting for people who want to blog.

      Standard Notes enables you to publish any note to and it appears as a web page that is public on the web. This means you can write in the notes app and then, if you want to, publish it to the web for free.

      It’s a bit of an unusual idea, but the great thing about it is that no technical knowledge is required to blog, which might appeal to some people. There’s no fiddling with WordPress, no hosting to configure, no worries about updates and security. Everything is handled for you.

      I do use Standard Notes, but I don’t publish them, but that is because I have this website. However, it could be good for some people. It enables you to write without worrying about all the web technicalities.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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