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    Many people rely on Pinterest to direct traffic to their blog and for some, it can be a huge benefit, driving thousands of visitors a month. However, it can sometimes seem like an uphill battle. It all depends on your niche.

    Pinterest has just said:

    We’re updating our ad policies to prohibit all ads with weight loss language and imagery.

    To be clear, this is ads only and it does not apply to pins, but I would still be very careful with your pins. Pinterest is clearly targeting the food/diet niche and while it is only ads today, your pins could be next.

    If food/health/diet is your blogging niche, make sure your pins follow the ad rules to be safe, otherwise you may find that your pins deleted or at least are not appearing in people’s feeds sooner or later.

    Pinterest has also said:

    Pinners are searching for “body neutrality,” an emerging search trend from the wellness movement, and are discovering radical self-acceptance. Pinners are searching for “healthy mindset quotes” 13x more, and both “body neutrality” and “stop body shaming quotes” are up 5x since last year. Also searches for body acceptance quotes are up 7x and “self-love illustration art” has increased 63x.

    Be careful with your pin image and words. It would not surprise me if Google had similar rules, so don’t get yourself removed from Google search as well as Pinterest.


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