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    I just wondered what your thoughts were on updating WordPress to version 5.2. I got a notification to update a couple of days ago and have been putting it off. Is it safe? Should I update or will it break my site?

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    Roland Waddilove

    Whenever WordPress is updated, it is never a good idea to be the first person to install the update. Wait a few days or even a week before you update because there may be bugs and by waiting, you will get a fixed version that is more reliable.

    For most people, updating WordPress is painless, easy and works fine. However, you may be one of a small number of people that it does not work for. For this reason, always make a backup of your site before updating it, just in case it doesn’t work.

    Each site has a different set of plugins and code, and this means that a WordPress update may work perfectly on one site, but it does not mean it will work on yours. Perhaps you have a plugin, theme or code that is incompatible. It is unlikely, but it happens.

    Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst, as they say.

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    WordPress 5.2 has just been updated to 5.2.1 and if you were on 5.2 your site will have automatically been updated because minor updates (x.y.1) are installed automatically. The update fixes several bugs and if you have been waiting to update, do it now.

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    Alex Morco

    You can easily upgrade your WordPress version from old to recent 5.2, In current version Gutenberg is already setup but always ask your WordPress website hosting provider about the updated version and supported features, sometimes this happens when you upgrade to new version, some of the features or plugins stop working and that could be a cause of website down. I will suggest using Cloudways WordPress hosting.

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    WordPress is now up to 5.2.2 and should have automatically updated. If it hasn’t, update it manually.

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