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      There is a huge row over at the Reddit website right now and it centers on the site’s introduction of steep charges for third party apps that access the service, the best known of which is Apollo, but there are others. iPhone users love it and say it is the best way to access Reddit on a phone.

      Unfortunately, the developer has calculated that with the new charges Reddit plans to impose on apps, it will cost $20 million a year. There is no way the developer can afford that, not even with subscriptions. Consequently, the developer has announced that Apollo will soon shut down and stop working.

      To protest against the huge costs being imposed on Reddit third party apps, many, some say thousands, of subreddits (groups like /r/topic), went dark for two days. Some of them say they are never coming back, like /r/iPhone. In fact, they point visitors to the subreddit to their Discord server. I have also heard of other subreddits that are also planning to move to Discord too.

      Just as Mastodon has not had much of an effect on Twitter, I don’t think Discord will have much effect on Reddit, which will probably continue to be used by the majority. However, a significant minority will either switch completely to Discord or will use it as well as Reddit.

      Like Mastodon vs Twitter, Discord won’t completely replace Reddit, at least not for most people, but it is likely to see a growth spurt and gain a lot more users because of Reddit’s troubles. It is something to keep an eye on. Look out for fast growing Discord servers.

      What’s your take on the Reddit fiasco?

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        Another alternative top Reddit is Lemmy and it describes itself as “A self-hosted, federated social link aggregation and discussion forum.

        Lemmy look looks and works in a similar way to Reddit, so it should be a familiar experience to someone who has used Reddit, unlike Discord, which is completely different and more complicated. It’s another service to watch and it is benefiting enormously from the Reddit troubles. It is only bound to grow.

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          Reddit has 500 million users. I just read on Lemmy.World that it has 26,000 users, but isn’t this just one instance or server? I have heard that it is the largest server. Does anyone know the total number of Lemmy users. Is it possible to add them all up and get a definitive number?

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            SidneyG, are you counting daily active users, monthly active users, daily or monthly members? A member may not be active daily. I think your figure is out of date too.

            I’ve just been on Lemmy and they say there has been a 1600% increase in members this month. This could be because of the shutdown of third party Reddit apps, which is due to happen in 3 days. The figure could be even higher for July when people find the apps no longer work.

            Take a look at these stats  to see Lemmy usage.

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