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    I am looking to start my first blog and am looking at web hosting. Some web hosts give you 10 GB of disk space, but others offer 100 GB. Is 10 GB not enough? Should I go for a plan with 100 GB? I have a 1 TB drive in my computer and it is half full, so that’s 500 GB.

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    The amount of disk space you need for a website depends on the site content. A simple website with 1,000+ posts consisting of text and images will not even amount to 1 GB never mind 10 GB. WordPress posts are small and you will never fill 10 GB of space.

    Photographs can be large and if you are building a photography site with thousands of images, an online store with thousands of products, or something similar, then 10 GB may not be sufficient. Are you really going to upload thousands of photos? Probably not.

    Videos can be huge and they take up a lot of space. It would be easy to fill 10 GB with HD videos. However, WordPress web hosting is unsuitable for streaming video and it cannot cope. You should host videos on YouTube or Vimeo, which can cope with thousands of simultaneous viewers of a video. This means that video storage is zero on your site and you just insert a link. It actually looks like the video is on your site, but it’s coming from elsewhere.

    10 GB is more than most people will ever need for a website, so I would not worry about the space.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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