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    I have been seeing a lot of ads from SiteGround in my Facebook feed and they are highlighting the fact that they have increased storage space to 40 GB on GoGeek website hosting plan. Is this needed? How much space will your website need?

    After several years, this website has hundreds of articles and thousands of images, but it still only uses 0.6 GB of disk space – 612 MB. Most websites don’t use much disk space so SiteGround’s increase to 40 GB wouldn’t make any difference to many people.

    Installing WordPress requires about 60 MB, which is 0.06GB and is nothing really. The rest of the space is for your own files, which will be mostly images in the media library.

    Hopefully, you optimize images for your WordPress blog or website, but let’s say you don’t and every image uses up 1 MB of space. I try to make my images less than 0.1 MB, so this is 10x my normal image file size.

    There are 1,000 MB in 1 GB, so that’s 40,000 images in 40 GB. Are you really going to upload 40,000 unoptimized images to your site? No.

    Most people only need 1 or 2 GB of space for a website. If you are a photographer and want to show many large, high resolution images, then maybe you need 5 GB. The bottom line is, most people do not need to worry about how much storage space they get with web hosting.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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