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    Roland Waddilove

    How much money do blogs make? A survey was done on Income School bloggers, who I would say are far better than the average blogger at making money. Income School offers courses and free YouTube videos showing people how to create successful commercial websites that make money.

    For this reason, I think the figures shown in the video are therefore on the high side.  My guess is that a lot of bloggers don’t even reach the low end of the scale. The video still has useful info though. It’s worth checking out their other videos too.



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    A few bloggers have made tons of money and with the publicity they get, they have encouraged thousands, maybe millions of other people to try blogging for an income. I have even heard of people giving up their full time job to blog full time. They say they are living off savings while getting their site up and running.

    I have also heard of people out of work take up blogging as an alternative to getting a regular job, hoping to make an income they can live on from a website.

    It is true that some people do get rich quick from blogging, but you have to bear in mind that most people don’t. There are always exceptional people who do exceptional things, but few bloggers make a living from their blog.

    Creating a blog using WordPress or something similar can be fun and you can earn some money from it, but for most people the income they earn from their website will never match what they could earn from a regular job, even on minimum wage.

    I think the majority of bloggers do make some money through ads, affiliate schemes and so on, but really this is just a bit extra cash on the side rather than their main source of income.

    If you are thinking of giving up your job or betting your future on earning an income from your website, think carefully and bear in mind that it may not work out. I don’t want to crush people’s dreams, but you do have to be realistic. You can earn money blogging, which is brilliant, but it is risky giving up your day job for it.

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