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    I managed to get accepted by AdSense and eventually, with help from a friend, managed to get adverts on my website. My earnings are quite low. I don’t want to say the exact amount in a public forum, but it’s low. However, I have a lot of page views.

    Does anyone know how much Google pays for page views with Adsense ads? I know it will vary with different people, but what should I expect to earn? My income seems low and I am wondering why. Any suggestions?

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    After a bit of searching, I found a Google page that said that advertisers have a choice between pay-per-click and pay-per-view. An advert on a page on your website could be either of these two options.

    If an advertiser chooses pay-per-click, you will not earn any income from showing an advert, no matter how many times you show it. An ad could be displayed to a million people and you would get nothing if none of them click on it.

    Pay-per-view is possible, but advertisers mostly prefer pay-per-click and they only pay when someone actually clicks an advert on a website. An advertiser can then be sure that the person has actually seen the ad and is interested in whatever is being advertised.

    A click can take the person to the advertiser’s website where they can get more information or buy something. This is much more valuable to advertisers than simply showing someone an ad. They may not be looking or interested.

    Earnings from AdSense do increase when visitor numbers increase and also decrease with decreasing numbers. However, this is not because of pay-per-view, it is because showing more people ads leads to more clicks. If 1% of people click an ad, it is better to show it to 1,000 people than 100, so income rises with increasing page views.

    The amount advertisers pay per ad varies. Some ads pay more than others. Ads on financial websites are said to bring in the most income and cam be 10x what ads in some other niches earn.


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