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    I bought a second hand MacBook Air and it has a 256 GB solid state drive. This is an Intel model, not the new M1 Silicon Macs. I got it to install Windows on, which the new M1 Macs cannot do, at least not yet.

    I will be using Boot Camp to install Windows in its own partition. My question is, how big do I need to make the partition for Boot Camp? What is the minimum you can install Windows on?

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    Windows will install in just 30 GB of disk space, but it is not recommended because a lot of disk space is required for the twice yearly major updates. These double the disk space used, so you might need as much as 50 or 60 GB of space. You get it back after the update, but for a while, space usage is high.

    That is just for Windows and you must bear in mind that software, photos, videos and music require disk space.

    You can comfortably run Windows in 100 GB of disk space if you don’t install too much software, keep your photos online and stream your music and videos. If you run out of space in Boot Camp, I am not sure there is an easy way, or any way, to resize the partition, so it is best to allocate more than you need, just in case.

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    I have an old MacBook Air with a 256 GB drive. I also have Windows in Boot Camp. Approximately 100 GB is allocated to Windows and 150 GB to the Mac. I don’t have a lot of software installed and keep things to a minimum, so this works fine for me. However, you could easily fill the partitions, Windows or macOS, if you installed many games. Some are huge and can be up to a gigabyte of disk space.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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